Life got in the way…

So, I started off strong and was feeling quite chuffed with myself but then lo and behold day 4 was with us and life got in the way.

It sounds like a feeble excuse (and I know in today’s busy, busy world that many of us are juggling lots of different balls) but I have literally been working and baking from sunrise to sunset and beyond.

This is my life. I was made redundant 5 years ago from my City PR job and as I had long grown dissatisfied and bored with the daily commute and daily grind, I thought “why not bake cakes?” They are pretty and taste good and lots of people like them. I can bake from home and what fun it will be thinking up flavours and names and styles.  And so Jen’s Cupcakery started.  I have built a good little business but I still need to work part-time so I work from 10am to 4pm five days a week and around this bake early and bake late into the night sometimes to complete orders. On top of this, I just received notice on my part-time job so have been desperately trying to find another job which will fit in with my baking life.

walton market cropped

Excuses, excuses? perhaps but good ones I think.

Now, I am going to go back and do all the Blogging 101 tasks I have missed….here goes.

Day 4 – Identify your audience – now, just who are you I wonder? fellow bakers, would-be bakers, small business owners perhaps? those who like photos of pretty cakes (my photography is getting better, promise!)   I need to choose one of these if I understand the assignment correctly so….. small business owners perhaps.  I would love to hear your stories of how you started, not just a baking business but any business, how you are finding it, challenges/successes etc etc.  As independent as I am, sometimes it would be nice to have a business partner to share the load.

Task two – include a new element. Well, how about this Pininterest board in which I have gathered just some of the few inspirational spaces and display ideas for my long dreamed about bakery/cafe… let’s see if it works…


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