Hello Neighbours! (sorry I can’t stay long)

Day 3 and I’m still here! (trust me, that’s quite something for me).

Who would have thunk it? Finding 5 new blogs to follow is taking me longer than writing the last two blog posts of my own.

Mind you, it’s a great distraction from the giant chocolate cupcake in the oven which seems to have developed craters and will, I fear, fall to pieces once I peel the silicon mould from it’s curves 😦 Sometimes I hate baking giant cupcakes, in fact I think I wrote a post about it once. Be gone, giant cupcake, you’re a giant pain in my baking butt!

Anyway, here are my five new blogs to follow, I couldn’t work out how to add 5 new topics so not sure whether I have only completed half the assignment…eek! Or whether I should provide links so forgive me if this is really rather a shoddy attempt all in all.

Foodimentary – it’s elementary my dear Watson! It’s all about food.

Butter Baking – love the recipes and the images, so pretty.

Things we Make – “Much Ado about Muffins” post – need I say more?

The Little Library Cafe – such a ‘novel’ idea 🙂 tying in recipes to books, love it!

And last but not least…

The Daily Post – for wise words…

Back to the oven to peer glumly at the giant cupcake…. ta ra…


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