It’s all about the bake!

Well, day two of Blogging 101 and coincidentally (considering I was just thinking about this yesterday) is “Take control of your title and tagline”.

When I started the blog, I wanted to publicise my company hence ilovejenscupcakery (which on reflection is a little immodest and self gratifying whoops!) but then when you’re a small business you do all you can to get your name out there.

As the months have flown by, I’ve found myself looking at it and thinking “hey, not so creative, I can do better than that” and looking at the wise words of the WordPress team I realised I can at least add to it if not change it.  Hence “It’s all about the bake!” because, well it is.  I live, breathe and eat cakes (the latter not very often thankfully for my waistline which is adapting to middle aged spread very nicely thank you without the additional sugary treats).

If I’m not actually baking cakes for customers, I’m looking at cake books, thinking up cake flavours and styles, talking about cakes or my business or both to anyone who will listen (yes, I am that person yawn!), watching cake related programmes on TV and yes, even dreaming about cakes. Last night’s involved a film crew asking me to play the part of a Southern Belle whilst whipping up a batch of red velvet cupcakes (see what I mean?) The latter was easier I can tell you.

Would you believe when I started my cake company, the only cakes I had baked (apart from school domestic science class a million years ago) was a batch of test cupcakes which I took into the shop my sister managed to ask her for her opinion? A customer cake in, said “ooh look at those lovely cakes”, I gave her one to try, she loved it and wanted to place an order and Jen’s Cupcakery was borne.


What happened next? you will have to wait till tomorrow (if it fits in with the task of the day!)

Till then (I’m off to bake) 🙂


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