Springing into cake action…

The scent of Spring has most definitely arrived in the air this week so I decided to pay homage with suitably seasonal creations!


Little yellow chicks created from sugarpaste float on a turquoise buttercream sea that swirls atop mini lemon cupcakes… (it will feel  so mean to chomp into one of those cute little chicks :-0)

In the background, you can see some chocolate cake pops covered in blue candy melts and festooned with a mult- coloured carpet of Spring flowers.


But for the Spring finale, here’s a  chocolate cake, carved to form a grassy mound with bunny holes, topped with white sugarpaste painted with edible green paste. The rocks were made from white sugarpaste with a touch of black paste ‘twisted’ in to the white until you get a mottled effect reminiscent I hope of little boulders!  


The bunnies were made with brown sugarpaste and just a touch of white for the tail, black for the eyes and pink for their cute little noses and they are playing amongst little yellow sugarpaste flowers cut out using a small plunger cutter.

If that doesn’t put a spring in your step, I don’t know what will… 😉



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