How to conquer the giant cupcake!

Once upon a time there was a baker who could conjure up all manner of delectable delights; fluffy sponges, curvaceous cupcakes, buttery biscuits and pretty pastries. She felt no fear.


Until one day, the giant cupcake came along….

With blind faith, she mixed her batter, greased the giant cupcake tin, filled the generous proportions and into the oven it went. She merrily went about her business, whipping up some creamy frosting and  looking forward to icing this super-sized delight.  45 minutes later, the cupcake was out of the oven and cooling its jets on a wire rack. The time came to gently persuade it out of its tin and lo, her baking bubble burst for it resisted and it stuck and by the time she had coaxed it out of the tin, it was a hot mess with cracks like craters all over the top.! And so began this baker’s battle with the giant cupcake!

After many months of trying different methods, she finally managed to master this massive mound of cake and icing and giant cupcake orders were welcomed with open arms and well greased mould…


So, how did I do it…?

Well, lesson one: make sure you grease the mould/tin as thoroughly as if you were preparing a wall to be painted.:

Lesson two: where possible use a denser cake such as a madeira, or a chocolate fudge cake (or my all time best cake base of all times, my banana, rum and pecan..yum!)  Too light a sponge and it will collapse under the weight of icing.

Lesson three: make sure it is totally baked before taking out of oven, remember this is one big mamma cake, lots of depth to it.

Lesson four: once out of the oven, let it sit in it’s mould/tin till it’s properly cool. In fact, once it’s cool, I now put mine in the fridge till it’s really cold before attempting to peel away the layers.

I have to say I prefer the silicone moulds to the double tin you can buy, I find it cooks more evenly and comes out of its case more easily and boy, what a difference that makes!

So, this baker has conquered the giant cupcake, now time to settle scores with the humble scone…



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