Millionaire’s Shortbread Cupcakes

When I can’t sleep at night, it’s often because I am thinking about cake.  Not a bad thing to be causing insomnia I suppose!  Mostly it’s about cake recipes and trying to invent new ones.  Now, I am not saying this is a new one. In fact, if I googled Millionaire’s shortbread cupcakes, there would probably be reams of them but I shall remain in blissful ignorance and pretend I invented it!

Firstly, I whizzed a handful of digestive biscuits in my food processor (you could just as easily put them in a food friendly bag and bash with the end of a rolling pin, I would heartily recommend this option if you have had a bad day and need to let some frustration out!)  I think it was about 200g of biscuits in all.


I then melted some butter  (about 75g), just good old plain unsalted variety and mixed the biscuit crumb in. How easy is that! If only all baking was as simple.

I put a layer of this biscuity buttery crumb in the base of the cupcake cases and then added a blob of dulce de leche (or posh caramel sauce or translated correctly candy of milk). You can make this yourself by boiling a can of condensed milk for about three to four hours but that’s a bit of a hassle so I would recommend purchasing! (sorry for the pics, I was having a bad camera day).

mill shortbread 2

On some I added some rounds of banana (thereby turning it into a Millionaires Shortbread/Banoffie hybrid), whilst others I left as was and then topped with my usual chocolate cake batter.

mil and banana

Into the oven the decadent little beauties went whilst I made my buttercream (wondering whether to incorporate a bit of dulce de leche in that but deciding against though I may try that next time).

20 minutes later, the cakes had risen nicely and before they even cooled, I had to take a little taste just to make sure they were edible you understand 🙂

millionaires shortbread cakes 1

I hadn’t quite packed the crumb down firmly enough so it was a bit too.. ahem crumbly at the base but a mouthful of that and then the caramel sauce and the chocolate cake was divine.  It actually didn’t need anything else but I topped with  buttercream anyway,  a drizzle of the caramel sauce and some chocolate shavings and a chocolate heart .  I would have liked to put a bit of shortcake crumble on top to finish but I didn’t have any. Next time though…

millionaires shortcake cupcakes cropped


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