Making a boob of myself…

Well, what can I say? it’s been a busy old time of it and I resigned my poor blog to a lonely existence. That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about it of course.  I have been thinking, just not DOING!

It has been a really hectic few months since Christmas with, I’m happy to say, lots of cake and cupcake (and cake pop) orders.  One of my most challenging (and enjoyable) was being asked to create some boobalicious cupcakes for the launch of a new cosmetic surgery book – The Good Boob Bible  – by fantastic PR company Love PR

At first, I attempted to make them in cake pop form but they looked vaguely sinister so I went back to the good old petite cupcake (more than a mouthful being a waste apparently!) It took a bit of practice but this is  how I got the final result.

boobs in bras mix 2

best boob bible launch 3

I find that the normal sugarpaste doesn’t taste that great but I found a fantastic product in my local sugarcraft shop which was a marshmallow sugarpaste (by Karen Davies).


I decided that as my cupcakes were going to be quite well endowed on the whole, it would make for a much nicer tasting experience! Also, I had been reliably informed that it was far less likely to crack which is a problem I sometimes have with other sugarpastes when they dry out.

Firstly, I tinted the sugarpaste to a realistic flesh coloured tone using SugarFlair paprika/flesh.  You have to add slowly and carefully as it becomes a bit ‘tangoed!’ :-0

Then, I took small chunks of the sugarpaste and rolled them into fairly similar sized balls.

boobs before nips

Then I dotted a small amount of edible glue on each and stuck a silver dragee on top to form the nipples. Ok they didn’t look that realistic at this point but wait and see.

boobs with nips

After rolling and ‘nippling’ 38 pairs of sugarpaste breasts, I smeared a small amount of buttercream over each cupcake (I made lemon and vanilla) and then placed a pair of the breasts on each.

The next part was the most fiddly, rolling out the sugarpaste to make the covering for the breasts and the torso part. It had to be rolled thin enough to mould properly over the curves but not so thin so the dragee nipple broke through! (out of context that’s just weird!)

Once I got into the swing of it, all went well and soon I had 38 pairs of bare breasts staring at me (refer to above comment in brackets). I hope you agree, they look pretty realistic and a pair that any one of us might be proud of 🙂

building the boobs

naked boobs close up

Now, this was a cosmetic surgery book launch so I could have left them bare but somehow they looked a little brazen so I decided to cover them with fondant bras in two different colours, stuck little miniature flowers on as decoration and they were complete.

boobs in bras mix 2

I was pleased with them and the client loved them so you can’t say fairer than that!  To see more, visit my FB page at

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