New Year, old dreams!

me in edinburgh with mulled wine boot

Enjoying pre-xmas mulled wine at Edinburgh Christmas Market

A belated happy new year to you all! 

I don’t know about you but January, for me, (once I get over the disappointment that Xmas is over and I have pulled myself out of the January blues) is about new beginnings, new hopes and the desire to put into action all the things I wanted for myself and those around me last year… and probably the year before that too!

So, here’s my list of – I won’t call them resolutions – but, well,  my list of ‘good intentions’.


Write my blog more regularly! (hmmm first blog of the year mid-way through the month…)

Make time to try out new recipes in my quest to make healthier cakes but with the same great taste and share on blog

Take better images for blog

Refresh/build on  website so that it more truly shows all that we do at Jen’s Cupcakery

Research possibility of finding premises, either a commercial kitchen or drum roll (and biggest dream of all), cafe space so I can open my long long long long dreamed about Jen’s Cupcakery cafe (though I actually have a different name in mind which I shan’t share just yet ssshhhhh) :-


Launch new product line (top secret) and all the work that goes with it – testing market, finding suppliers, working out prices, press and marketing strategy etc etc etc


Now this may seem a bit laughable considering the above but…make more time for my family.

Oh and all the usual of course… eat healthily, exercise more etc etc 🙂

Now, what are your good intentions?


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