Spy themed cake for birthday boy

So, a week or so ago, I was asked to make a spy themed cake for a client’s son’s birthday.

Initially, this was to be a bomb (haven’t made one before but how difficult can that be I thought to myself, picturing a dome shaped cake with some kind of fuse coming out of the top – probably made of liquorice, the fuse that is. I have found liquorice a fantastic edible ingredient to use for all kinds of things lately!)  Just as I had figured this all out, the order changed… to a gun!

Now, morally, I’m not quite sure how good it is making a gun for a little boy (but a bomb’s ok I hear you say?!) but an order is an order and a challenge is a challenge.. and I quite enjoy those at times 🙂

I’m no gun expert, I don’t know my revolvers from my rifles, but on investigation, a Glock seemed like a good bet so I found an image, printed it and took it to my local printer to increase to a cake like size (hmmm….sizes are deceptive I later found).

I then took the chocolate sheet cake I had made earlier, sliced it in half and filled with chocolate buttercream  and then traced the pattern over, cutting it to shape. Eh voila, a gun shape emerged.. kind of!

DSCF8417I then covered with black sugarpaste and  added the little touches to make it more… well, gun-like (I don’t know the technical terms but let’s say grooves on the handle, a trigger etc). to get the silvery effect on the hand grip, I used a silver edible spray.


I used one of my many modelling tools to make the grooves and indents and sprayed some of the bits in silver.

hand gun

The finishing touch was a few bullets made out of sugarpaste.











As an extra flourish, I made an extra round chocolate cake and made it into a target! 🙂



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