Hey Mickey!

“You’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!” Anyone who was around in the 80’s will recognise that reference to a popular song of the time… ah nostalgia, a fine thing… till I remember the fashion and my own naive interpretation of it! but that’s the glory of being young is it not?  (showing my age as well ho hum!)

Anyway, as this is primarily a baking blog, that is not, of course, an ode to Toni Basil’s jaunty cheerleader ditty but a refernce to my first attempt at a Mickey Mouse cake for a regular client of mine.

Now, I thought it would be pretty easy but I often make that mistake..hmmm.  I suppose it didn’t help that it needed to be made from the much adored (but not by me) red velvet cake. Or that I had nearly run out of black fondant when I actually started putting the cake together at midnight the night before the Walton Festival of Light’s special Christmas event, at which I had a stall and 300 cakes to prepare.

Ah well, keeps life interesting…

So, anyway, I used my old faithful chocolate cake recipe and, not having a handy Mickey head shaped pan, I used an 8″ round tin and then cut out two ears from another 7″ cake using one of those rings you use to make a fancy schmancy circle of rice or potato on your plate.   Sorry I have no pics of the method but I just didn’t have the time to stop and snap! 😦  I then covered the ears in some black fondant and put to one side.

Next step was the facial features. Now, this involved measurements (which have never been my forte) so my v patient boyfriend helped measure diameter of the head so I could cut out the facial area of dear old Mickey.   Now, as I had little black fondant, this had to be rolled out very very thin (I’m talking paper thin) between two sheets of greaseproof paper  and then carefully placed over the cake. I tinted white fondant with flesh/paprika paste and then, due to having no template to work with, I carefully cut out the face shape – a couple of attempts later and Mickey was beginning to take shape 🙂

Next, I unravelled some black licqourice and used to form the eyes and top part of mouth before adding black fondant for the nose and pupils and bottom of mouth, white fondant for the eyes.  I then stuck the ears to the head with a little icing before using white chocolate letters for the birthday greeting and finally, piped the lucky birthday boy’s name on the board. Eh Voila!  Hey Mickey! 🙂

Mickey Mouse Red Velvet cake


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