OK… I’m a Cake Pop convert!

OK, when cake pops rose their little domed heads in the UK, and people proclaimed “cupcakes are dead, long live the Cake Pop!” I looked at them with disdain and swum against the Pop-ular tide (sorry!).  What was so great about these little balls on a stick?!But I have to say I’m a Cake Pop protester no more…. I LOVE THEM!

Cake Pops are popping!

Not only are they relatively quick to make (once you get over the initial problems of adding too much frosting, making odd shaped balls.. still doing that a little ahem… and mastering the tapping motion to get excess candy coat off), but they can be made in advance and frozen (a HUGE bonus for anyone with a cake business).

They are delicious, like rich chocolate truffles – well the ones I made were anyway 🙂 and can be decorated in so many brilliant ways.

Now that’s not to say I have given up on my dear old cupcakes, after all they are the sweet treat that started my business but I think they are going to have to get used to a new member of the family as the cute little cake pops are here to stay…

After testing out my Pop pretties on my family, I made my first batch for my regular monthly pitch at the Farmers Market and they flew off the table.   I made only chocolate with chocolate and chocolate/peppermint shell but can’t wait to use other cake flavours and the rainbow of colours I have waiting…


2 thoughts on “OK… I’m a Cake Pop convert!

    • ilovejenscupcakery says:

      Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! Took a look at yours and love your philosophy of positive reviews only 🙂 Ha ha, yes I look at that sign when I’m elbow deep in cakes, stressing out because I am on a tight deadline and the cake gods aren’t smiling down on me! But yes, cake pops are my new passion though they can be tricky little blighters sometimes…

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