Finalist in Great Chocolate Cake Off 2012

Hello all, so much to talk (write) about and so little time but had to share some exciting news from the weekend!

Saturday saw me and my double chocolate bundt cake commute up to lively Covent Garden to enter into the Great Chocolate Cake Off  2012 at Chocolate Unwrapped – a celebration of all things chocolate – at the London Film Museum.

Considering I only saw the competition and entered the day before the show, I was pleased (and terrified) in equal parts to be invited to bring my cake up for a judging at the show.   As I also had a 40th wedding anniversary cake to make for delivery on the Saturday morning, you can imagine what a hive of activity my kitchen was on the Friday!

Deliciously decadent double chocolate Bundt

Happily, the cake survived the train journey with many gratifyingly flattering comments on the way from fellow commuters (best thing about carrying it in a box with side windows!)

I placed my bundt with its handmade white chocolate roses (tip: ice your hands before attempting to mould roses out of white chocolate Cocoform!) on the table alongside the other entries before 12 noon and then spent the day until the judging at 5.30pm wandering around the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, drinking too many cappucinos before sampling some of the many exquisite types of chocolate at the show.

Finally, 5.30pm arrived, we took our seats and just five cakes were carried in and yes, hurrah, one of them was my beautiful little bundt.. with a big chunk taken out of it!

The Great Chocolate Cake Off 2012 line-up. Spot the Bundt!

Now, it became rather apparent to me as the judges (who included 2010 Great British Bake Off winner Edd Kimber, 2012 contestant, Cathryn Dresser, chocolatier Damian Allsopp and Rococo‘s Chantal Coady) talked about some of the more unique ingredients that some of  the final five boasted such as Wasabi and Black Sesame, that mine was a rather more modest affair and unlikely to win but it made me even more proud as punch to be included in the line up! Especially as I only had one day to prepare and bake.

Well, I didn’t win, however, imagine my delight when speaking to the judges after, I received comments such as “technically perfect”, “beautiful texture and flavour”, “though simple, demonstrated an excellent balance of flavours” and my favourite of all from a certain GBBO contestant “now, that was a good bake!” 🙂

Happy days!  Now, where’s the next competition!


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