A Bundt in the oven…


At last, I find a spare minute or two in this hectic time to post about a little something sweet in the oven 🙂

A recent attempt at clearing up the baking supplies cupboard meant I came face to face with this. I can’t blame it for feeling neglected, it was many moons ago that I bought it and it’s lain gathering dust ever since.

Is my Bundt trying to tell me something?

With my niece’s birthday coming up, and my family feeling a little cupcake-d out (how could they, you ask?), I decided now was the time for its inaugural bake. Iapproached it with some trepidation, its ridged curves unlike anything I use in my day-to-day baking but the time was nigh!

Chocolate is the flavour of choice for my niece so I made a double chocolate sponge first. Yes, it looked a little uneven when I took it out of the oven which made me wonder if it would relinquish its hold on the tin in one piece, crikey!

However, about 20 minutes later, out it slid leaving not a crumb in sight and upturned, sat resplendent and gloriously shiny on my table top 🙂

I thinkthat traditionally, a soft dusting of icing sugar is used to decorate or a small drizzle of icing so that you can see the delicious curves, however, I crowned mine with a generous helping of dark chocolate ganache, added pink sugar flowers, glitter and topped with cute twisted candles I found in the local sugarcraft shop.

Eh voila! there we have it…

The Bundt in all its splendour…

As an extra treat, I made some petite cupcakes with the left over chocolate batter and then topped with some little dogs I made out of sugarpaste as yes, like her Aunt she is a dog lover too.

Puppy Love

I’m pleased to say, it was smiles all round.  The advantages of having an Aunt who is a Baker!




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