When cup size matters…

Ok, cheeky, not that kind of cup size. I’m talking baking cup sizes and I have a serious case of cake conversion blues.

Here’s the scenario. There I am happily browsing delicious cake recipes, deliberating over decadent  chocolate fudge cakes and the like, whipping myself up into a cake frenzy and planning my trip to the grocery store for ingredients, when something catches my eye… a four letter word that fills me with dread. CUPS!

Call us old fashioned but here in the UK, we stick to grams and  millilitres.

Simple, you say, go online and find a measurements convertor.

Aha, this I have done… many times. Yet each gives a different answer to this most complicated of culinary dilemmas or I find the answer but they don’t split it into different ingredients ie one cup of flour is different to a cup of butter.  Aaaaghhhh! And, as a baker, I know how important it is to get measurements right so, after what seems like hours of clicking from one convertor to another, I breathe a sigh of resentment, give up and move on to something more metric 😦

This is a tragedy because I really am drawn to recipes from over the pond.  Coconut Cream Pie and Peach Cobbler, mmmmm, Hummingbird cake and Key Lime Pie… double mmmmm.

Does anyone have the answer? And no, “just use English recipes”, doesn’t cut it! 🙂


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