Mad multi-tasking and sharing the love…

Have you ever had one of those days when your head just feels like a huge mound of cotton wool; when no coherent thought can be grasped and you end up in a heap on the floor with your head in your hands doing absolutely nothing? Ok, that sounds a tad melodramatic but that’s how I feel… deep breath….

Now, I know we women are natural multi-taskers and there are those of you out there (who also have families to cater for) that will say “humph, that’s nothing…” but currently, I am:

  1. Working full-time (unfortunately, the double dip recession means double the jobs!)
  2. Trying to run and build up  my cake business (forgive the shameless plug). This involves trying to get ‘Likes’ on my Facebook page   (any hints/tips welcomed).
  3. Helping my sister publicise her wedding stationery business (– beautiful designs, keep telling her to get a wordpress blog and share!)
  4. Trying to remember to take pictures when I’m baking so I can illustrate my posts as beautifully as other bloggers.
  5. Removing writer’s block and finishing novel (my longest dreamiest dream).
  6. Looking for freelance/part-time work (which would remove necessity of full-time job and thus let me do all the above more easily 🙂
  7. Helping my sister and my mum both move home.
  8. Trying to work out how I’m going to make and bake 200 cupcakes, three wedding cakes and 100 scones for a forthcoming wedding!

At least life’s not boring! :-0

Anyway, I have been waking up each morning with a niggling feeling that there’s something I’ve forgotten. Hmmm… hopefully not a cake order (that has happened, just the once, what a nightmare!). Imagine this.

“Early Saturday morning. Myself and my partner snoozing peacefully. Bzzzzz (our door buzzer). “Ignore it, must be wrong door,” I mumble. Bzzzz (more urgently). “Could be postman,” he mumbles. Get up, press speakerphone. “Hello?” (expecting postman to reply). Instead “I’ve come to pick up the cakes“. Silence my end. “Hello” disembodied voice continues. “Do you have the right flat?” I ask? (though as far as I know I’m the only cake business in the block. “Jen’s Cupcakery?”. Ah! To cut a long story short, this was an order pre-booked months ago which somehow in my move in with my partner had somehow got lost along the way. Not good. Luckily, I had two hours to make the order and deliver to a couple who were extremely kind and sympathetic when they could have just refused to pay!

Anyway, back to this post, then it hit me. Liebster Blog Award, very kindly received by and the nominations I, in turn, wanted to make.

I definitely want to share that love! 🙂

The trouble is it’s been quite hard to find blogs which are easily identifiable as new or newish (and there are just so many excellent blogs out there), so apologies if any of the below already have the award, or are actually the blogging kings and queens of WordPress and thus don’t need this award..or I have missed anyone who is truly deserving of it (in which case, I’m sure someone, somewhere will be nominating you for another such award).  Anyway, here we go.. – lovely recipes, some of which I have never seen before (grapefruit cupcakes …though reminds me of teenage years and being on a grapefruit diet!)  and gorgeous pics. – again, great recipes and lovely decorating ideas and images. – what can I say? sweet stuff all the way 🙂 – it just made me smile and love the themed header! – because it’s not all just about baking cakes!

And others that already have loads of followers but I love…
Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone, blame it on the cotton wool head!

Whilst doing my research, I was simply amazed at the quality (and quantity) of blogs in the WordPress world but the downside is… I need to invest in a decent camera and get clicking! :-0


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