Ahoy there…

My challenge this week – apart from trying to stop myself getting drawn into the enticing world of the Olympics coverage (and this from the antithesis of a sports fan!) – is to come up with a detailed  luxury boat birthday cake for a client.

Two choices, one to make two sheet cakes and then carve a boat out of all that lovely cake and add the detail using various bits and pieces or, alternatively, to make a normal cake and then fashion a boat out of sugarpaste and sit it on top.  I know which would look the most impressive but I also know which would be the easiest to slice up for the guests to enjoy!  Ah what the heck, it’s a 60th birthday so let’s go for it and carve the boat.

I found the attached link to the brilliant Cake Boss tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/cake-boss/…/making-the-boatcake.htm so think I will have some expert tips to hand…

On the novelty cakes front, I have to say I am always excited when I get one of these orders….even if my initial thought is “Agh, how am I going to do that?!”… for example, the mermaid cake…. Ok, on reflection, the mermaid has a pot belly which she seems to be holding up and a rather surprised expression.. but she was the first figure I had made and the birthday girls were happy and that’s what counts 🙂 I made her hair out of red liquorice strands in case you’re interested and think it worked well. I loved making the little pirate faces too.

Then came the homage to Harry Potter. Once again, being über critical, he looks a little like Roy Orbison rather than Harry Potter (for those saying who is he? a famous 1950s/60s singer and no, I’m not THAT old but I went through a phase of loving all things 1950s when I was a teenager) but hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?  The hat was amazingly easy to make (fondant) and the glasses – which you can’t really see but are on the side of the cake, I made from liquorice rounds.

As much as I will always have a soft (sweet) spot for cupcakes;  they were, after all, the inspiration for my modest little  business, there comes a time in a cake maker’s life when you need to expand those sponge filled horizons 🙂

I’ll let you see how the boat cake turns out… trying to remember to chart the progress on the way….


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