On missed opportunities…

So here we are, sitting on the balcony of our apartment on the High Street with a bird’s eye view of the Men’s Olympic Road Race route (apparently they are about 30 mins away) and what am I thinking?  Why aren’t I out there selling cupcakes?!  I really missed a trick here, though I’m not sure about the legalities of selling baked goods on the street without a license.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t but I could have got myself a little cart and wheeled them around the crowds!

My boyf waiting for the cyclists on our super slim balcony…

Anyway, although cycling is not exactly an interest of mine (to say the least), I have to say it’s quite exciting to think that in about ummm… 20 minutes and counting, all those world class athletes cycling down our road.  Now, surely they could have done with a good old whack of cupcake infused energy to keep them going 🙂

Ah well, I will have to make the most of Walton Farmer’s Market next weekend … please God let my back hold out… where I will be selling all manner of Olympic Games themed goodies (though not of course anything with the five rings on it for fear of incurring a huge fine!)

Well, no sooner did the cavalcade of police motorbikes appear followed swiftly by the tightly packed leaders, than they were gone….. I did take video footage but can’t seem to upload it at the moment, but perhaps you saw it yourself on TV… poor old team GB but well done for their efforts!

Mark Cavendish leading the GB team into Esher


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