What a pain… literally

Well, it’s not until you hurt your back that you realise what an integral body part it is!  Apologies to any of you that kindly follow my blog for the lack of posts recently.  But yes, as you might have guessed it from my opening line,  it looks like I have a slipped disc which has sadly curtailed my baking for the last few weeks.

So, whilst I’m convalescing and gazing wistfully at my trusty Kenwood (though secretly yearning for the much desired Artisan KitchenAid in raspberry.. or yellow… or red, ok any colour really) and dreaming of all the cakes I’m going to make when I’m in full working order, I am going to talk about my fantasy kitchen. I came across this “ultimate bakers kitchen” on the fantastic Epicurious site a while back (http://www.epicurious.com/)

Ok, it would be great to have all those people in the picture helping me when I am preparing 400+ cakes for market but it’s really the sweeping cupboards, huge central island, oodles of work surface and the walk-in pantry (not shown here) that’s the source of my kitchen envy.  Imagine what I could conjure up in a kitchen like this….


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