Marble marvel

As usual, I made too much cake batter for my latest cake order (really need to work on these quantities if I’m ever going to make a proper profit!) and as I can never bring myself to throw any remnants away (well, who would after all) , I quickly donned my pinny again and made a chocolate and vanilla marble loaf cake whilst waiting for cupcakes to cool.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can throw some ingredients together, put them in the oven and voila! A delicious morsel beautiful to behold and even more beautiful to eat.  But that’s baking for you… 🙂

Chocolate and vanilla marble mix

Each to their own re marbling technique but I tend to put a scoop (if cupcakes) or layer (if cake) of vanilla, then one of chocolate, etc etc and then drag a toothpick through a few times, it seems to have the desired effect!

Once out of the oven and cooled, I often leave it as is but have been known to drizzle a little melted Belgian chocolate over the top as a finishing touch but I quite like it plain as it’s the kind of cake that suits those of us with a less sweet tooth… perfect with a nice hot cup of cappuccino.

Freshly baked and sliced

It got me thinking, why only chocolate and vanilla, how about lemon and orange, or coffee and chocolate or even blueberry and lemon…. the choices are endless. Shall try out this weekend and deliver my verdict.


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