Frozen muffins? bleugh….

I was down in the beautiful New Forest last week on a rare mini break and, of course, one of the first things on my mind after the two hour journey aside from seeing the lovely little ponies roaming wild and free…


was a good strong cappuccino in a cosy cafe. As much as making lots of cakes has put me off eating them (much like when you have a dinner party and can’t face the food you spent so many hours lovingly preparing), sometimes nothing goes nicer with a cup of coffee than a little sweet something. We found said cosy cafe (nice leather sofa, chill out tunes) and spied some rather delicious looking frosting bedecked muffins in the window and selected these off the menu with hungry anticipation – coffee and walnut for me, chocolate for him indoors.

Imagine our dismay when said delicious looking muffin a) looked like a sorry copy of the one on the display and b) had a texture akin to chewing on an ice pick!  We returned them promptly telling the waitress that they were cold and hard and were told that they were baked, then frozen and then defrosted when selected. Sacrilege! If a cafe is going to boast home baked goods, then they should be freshly made not frozen.  I can see the advantage to the owner of course, it would make my pre-market prep far easier and quicker if I could make my 300 plus cupcakes days in advance and then freeze them but they just don’t taste the same.

We did, however, find the most wonderful place for dinner that night, The Mill at Gordleton. Not only was the setting spectacular, but the food delicious too, would heartily recommend.


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