I had the best of intentions….

But I am just not doing everything I said I would do this week!  I have a rare few days off from my other job and promised to do a lot of R&D (research and development for those not in the know) 🙂  All sorts of plans had I, developing new gluten free cakes, creating a market survey for my customers to find out how Jen’s Cupcakery is delivering on flavour and style, inventing delicious and innovative new cupcakes, trying out my new macaron recipe etc etc…and have I done any of these things? Umm…no.

I did, however make up a lovely little order of petite cupcakes for a client on Monday, a mix of vanilla with bright frostings and my popular marble marvel with marbled icing.. I had very little vanilla frosting left for the marble cakes so it’s a little more chocolate than vanilla than usual hmmm.  Slight aside – little tip for those who like me, might struggle to get a proper blue buttercream icing rather than a jade green, I found out, quite by accident, that using a bit of pink colour (I use the Sugarflair range of pastes) in with the blue, actually gave a truer blue. I don‘t think you can ever get a proper baby blue because of the yellow tint to buttercream but it’s nearer to blue than green and that’s something.

My cakes and I did have a rather traumatic journey getting to the address which in Monday morning’s thunderstorm made for a bit of a rollercoaster ride, dodging falling foliage and glittering sheets of water, then on down a tiny little lane through the woods that had me wondering if there was anything at the end of it!  Happily there was a beautiful house with a happy owner who smiled broadly at the cakes and my trusty little car and I got home unscathed.


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