Charitable giving and giving myself a nudge…

Well, the Jubilee weekend is over and back to it with work and cake orders.  I must send the £50 off to Marie Curie Cancer Care this week. I was feeling a little inadequate with regards to the amount raised but I see from the Marie Curie Website that £40 pays for one hour of a nurse’s time with a patient so I thought to myself “that’s one hour more than they would have had” and it made me feel slightly better. I shall be looking at other ways to raise money for the charity though as it’s such a good cause. In fact a couple of my cake customers at the Farmers Market last weekend told me they had relatives or friends who had been cared for by the charity and spoke highly of the help it gave in a very difficult time.

The jubilee surrey ad piece was mentioned by a couple of customers and it gave me a mental nudge to get on and create some more PR for Jen’s Cupcakery. I was very proactive when I started the company (and considering PR was my former career for many years, so should I have been!), however what with life being so busy and budgets tight, promotion has been pushed to the bottom of the pile. Must try harder!!


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