Cakes ‘jewel in the crown’ at Jubilee Farmers Market

Well, I know I said I would write this blog every (or every other) day but I think I have a good excuse this time around. What a busy Jubilee weekend I have had, not much rest but then neither has the Queen!

Thursday and Friday were spent mixing up large quantities of buttercream and cream cheese icing and creating regal crowns to sit atop my fresh raspberry, vanilla and chocolate, coffee and walnut cupcakes, then baking 300 odd cupcakes for my regular pitch at Walton Farmers Market. As I had also said I would hold my own version of the “Blooming Great Tea Party” in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, I spent some time cutting up Tea Party bunting and making up a box of jubilee cupcakes as my raffle prize, hoping the donation jar would attract a good amount of coins and notes throughout the day.

Saturday dawned a bit grey but luckily rain held off through the day and although there didn’t seem to be as many people around as usual, sales were brisk as was the purchase of raffle tickets and I’m pleased to say that we made £50 for the charity. Not a King’s ransom perhaps but every little bit helps I hope.


Pleased to say I sold out an hour before close of market and many wonderful comments about my cupcakes as usual 🙂

Popping colours courtesy of Picassa…

Jean, the winner of the Marie Curie raffle!


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