In which I make a vow…

No, not that kind of vow! Not yet anyway… 🙂  This vow is to myself really, one of many I have made over the years – and often not fulfilled I have to admit. My vow is to write this blog every day or at least, every other day. I have lots to say after all and life as a cake baker, small business owner and full-time worker is full but how hard can it be to find the time to write a few lines here and there?  That was a rhetorical question I suppose. Anyway, I shall try my best and that’s the best I can do!

Yesterday, my cakes and I had our “photo shoot” with the local paper as I am making Jubilee cupcakes to sell at my regular pitch at Walton Farmer’s Market  this weekend as part of  Marie Curie Cancer Care‘s “Blooming Great Tea Party”, Only mine will be tea-less ahem as I don’t have the luxury of an urn on my market stall…


I sat outside in the High Street with my cakes perched gaily on a cake dish in front of me grinning maniacally and asking the photographer if he could photoshop my frown mark out! I had a fringe cut last month to cover up the offensive little ridge that no amount of miracle cream can rid, however neither the fringe or the cream seems to play ball.  Anyway, I knew the photographer from old as he had taken pics of me when I was a finalist in the Make Your Mark in the Markets competition a couple of years back (oh the glory days) 🙂  The pics didn’t take long and he went off seemingly happy with cupcake in hand (you see, real men do eat cupcakes). Let’s see how they turn out. As long as the cakes look good then I’m happy.  Oh, who am I trying to kid, I want to look good too!!



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