Welcome to the world of the curvaceous cupcake!


Well, how exciting – a brand new blog with a brand new look… although rather embarrassingly, it’s only taken me a 6 months to actually post it!

So, I am Jen, owner of Jen’s Cupcakery, a small boutique cupcake company and a passionate baker! Not that I have spent my working life with mixer in hand, nope, I have been stuck in corporate world for most of my working life, but when I was made  redundant in 2009, I took my chance to break out and indulge myself in a much sweeter world filled with buttercream, fondant flowers and fluffy sponges.  Not that it’s been a bed of roses… or tray of cupcakes… all the way.

Why cakes you ask? Far from spending my childhood at my mother’s knee whisking and beating, I was more likely to be penning an angsty poem (yes, even at that tender age) or riding around the garden on my mother’s broom (I’m aware that has all kinds of connotations but, to me, it was a horse called Semolina!).  On my first few days of freedom, I was watching a TV programme with that retail guru Mary Portas teaching a group of lovely ladies how to sell and the product was cupcakes. How gorgeous the cakes looked, and what a price they sold for! So with a love of the aesthetic and the financial, I decided to bake up a batch of cakes and see how they tasted.  To my delight, they seemed to taste good… though looks wise they were, shall we say, aesthetically challenged.  And there my path to perfecting the cupcake began….



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