Cupcakes fit for a King.. or Queen…

What a lovely day for a Royal knees up! My cupcakes and I were kindly invited to attend the Royal Wedding street party (that took place in a field) in Hersham on the 29th .  I had prepared all manner of regal cupcakes, with the jewel in the crown being a giant chocolate cupcake, festooned with red, white and blue ribbons and hearts. 

The Mayor and Mayoress of Elmbridge passed by and tasted my cupcakes, pronouncing them “delicious” and kindly gave me a bit of a plug over the microphone after! 😉  The Surrey Comet photographer also had me posing in a photo shoot for quite a while but the resultant published pic unfortunately hardly even showed the cupcakes in all their splendour.
Anyway, very good day with all cakes sold and the winner of the giant cupcake very happy with his prize…

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