The curious case of the sinking cupcakes

Ooh, last week was a hard week. There comes a time in every business owner’s life when you think to yourself “what am I doing this for?” and last week (and Saturday) that time came for me I’m afraid.  I recently started a part-time job which, along with the cake business, makes for a busy life. That’s fine by me, I like variety and being busy but throw a few curve balls into the equation and sometimes, busy turns into pure stress.  There I was preparing for Walton Farmers Market, working till midnight to bake cakes only to find that a faulty oven had produced batch after batch of cupcakes that came out looking pretty and perky only to sink into stodge. So, I then had to rush out after work, collect new ingredients and then spent another 6 hours baking, icing and decorating 250+ cakes (whilst also rushing over to my mum’s to collect my 25kg gazebo and other market necessitites).  Exhausted, I fell into bed at 12.30 to get up at 6am to pack the cakes (happily pretty and perky once more) and transport to market nice and early so I could set up in a relaxed fashion only to find myself and three other market traders had been moved from our prime spots into no-mans land! Cue a lot of fed up faces and some angry mumblings.  With true Brit style spirit in face of adversity, we turned our annoyance into making the best of a bad situation.  My biggest fear (apart from being away from the main flow of visitors) was my regular customers (whom I love seeing every month) wouldn’t know where to find me.

 Happily, most of them did and I picked up some new customers including a “drive by” who stopped at the traffic lights and requested a carton of cupcakes and another who very kindly texted me later in the day to say “Best lemon cake I have ever tasted!”. This, along with sellling nearly all the cupcakes, made for a better ending to the day… until the car, fully loaded, wouldn’t start… oh dear!  ;-(  Anyway, thanks to my helfpful fellow market traders and  a pair of jump leads, myself and my empty cupcake containers where at last on their way home.. or rather to my mum’s to unload the car and then go for a nice curry and a much deserved glass of wine with my lovely boyfriend 😉


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