Jen’s Cupcakery odds on favourite at Sandown race day

Last week I was kindly  invited by Sandown Race Course to supply cupcakes for a special Family Race Day where celebrated children’s author Lauren Childs would be signing copies of her books.  Now I have always enjoyed my Farmers Markets (despite the inclement weather reaking havoc) but what a luxury it was being inside with tables laid out and a huge space to set up in!

My 250+ cupcakes and I were happy to be placed in a prime spot in the main hall at the bottom of the stairs/escalator and close to the exercise circle (I think that’s the wrong name somehow) so when  things got a little quieter, I was able to pop my head around and view the beautiful horses. Anyway, although beer and burgers seemed to be the order of the day, I was (happily) suddenly inundated by lots of little outstretched hands and received many lovely comments and murmurs of appreication from young and old alike.  I naughtily increased sales by commenting (immodestly) on my lovely cakes and location of such when standing in a queue to get a long-awaited cappucino half way through the day and therefore elicited a few more customers!  Well, as a small business you do what you have to do 😉  All in all it was a great day and the staff at Sandown were lovely so very pleased to be invited and happy to return on another occasion.. oh, and I sold out as well an hour before the end so that was an added bonus!


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