From cupcakes to cookies….

Like most people, I prefer an easy life but then again, if it’s too easy and predictable, I get a little bored so that’s why after nonths of happily making cupcakes for equally happy customers,  last month saw me hunched over an assortment of biscuits icing anchors on to pirate ships and beady little eyes on to bright green parrots!  I hadn’t just plucked the idea out of thin air of course; I’d been contacted by a company holding a conference in Malta with a theme of “piracy” asking if I could create an array of eye catching themed biscuits and of course I replied with a resounding “aye, aye!”

Cue oodles of dough making (sore fingers and tired wrists!) and time spent hunched over piping beady eyes on to skull and cross bones and anchors and port holes on to pirate ships. 

100 cookies were duly created and packed safely up to be flown over to Malta and the results were worth the effort if the comments of the client were anything to go by… “they looked lovely and attracted lots of attention…they were yummy!” and “Thank you very much for the cookies – they were great and went down very well.”

Now I’ve investigated the world of biscuits, I’m hooked and I’m now busy planning a whole range of new biscuit collections for anything from birthdays to baby showers so watch this space….


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