Keeping abreast of a 60th birthday

Well, my first order for a cake boasting rather larger proportions than my cute but curvaceous cupcakes! As I’ve never made a cake of this kind before, thought I’d document the process in case any of you fancy turning your hand to a similar creation.  I used the top part of a two giant cupcake pans as I felt these gave quite a realistic shape (though they did go under the knife a little!) Then I started covering with chocolate buttercream…

Next, came the strategic positioning of peanut m&ms in the middle!  It looks a little scruffy at the moment I know but I smoothed  down with a small palette knife before covering.
Now, I used a white Regalice to which I added three or four pin pricks of paprika.flesh coloured paste (I use SugarFlair as I find them the best). You have to work those knuckles I’m afraid, kneading the icing till you get an even skin tone colour throughout the icing.
Now, you can roll it out in a rectangular shape big enough to cover the two domes making sure you have enough spare to cover the shapes and then  cut off the spare icing. I did find find this quite awkward as you don’t want the icing too thick (I think mine was about 3 or 4 mm) but go too thin and your fingers will start poking through. In the end, I rolled out smaller shapes of icing and covered them individually, tucking the icing in around the bottom and into the small gap between.
You have to be careful not to press your fingers into the shapes when you’re moulding the icing around or you get indentations – I used the palm of my hands to smooth the icing down.  Now, here you could either use an edible colour to paint the nipples but I added more colour to another small amount of icing and moulded them instead. Add a little birthday message, and there you have a hopefully fairly realistic chest of ample proportions – enough to feed about 20!

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