Sticky Toffee Pudding tops the cupcake charts

Well, happily the sky didn’t open yesterday at Walton Farmers Market…well not until I was packing up at the end of the day anyway when it poured down (bet my friend Niky wished she hadn’t walked past at that point as she very kindly helped me pack up and got soaked!)  Anyway, successful day – the new additions to my cupcake family went down very well… literally.. even the pumpkin ones (which morphed into butternut squash ones as I couldn’t find a pumpkin would you believe). I cut up a few of the new ones as samples for a change – I don’t usually do this as cakes can go a little dry when left cut up for a while – and received a lot of great feedback and general murmurs of appreciation.. which translated into sales, happily 😉  The sticky toffee pudding cupcakes sold out really quickly so they are definitely going to stay on the menu.


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