Autumn cupcakes to stave off the sniffles

Well, I do hope that this rain clears up over night or Walton Farmers Market tomorrow is going to be a soggy affair! Ok, so I’ve been through an Autumn and Winter market trading already and whilst I have some fond memories (it was at the beginning of my cupcake journey and every market was exciting and new)… I also have some not so fond memories of gazebos and cupcakes flying through the air like Mary Poppins ;-(  I still enjoy the markets, but then I’m a chatterbox and after all what better way is there to find out what your customers like and get valuable feedback. Luckily, I’m yet to have any negative feedback (long may that continue) 😉  Here’s me this time last year showing off my wares under gazebo number 2! 

Anyway, I spent last night peeling 1.5kg carrots (and my knuckles) for my carrot cupcakes but the results are worth it.. or at least that’s the feedback I get from my customers 😉

I pack them full of raisins, walnuts, cinnamon (and of course the aforementioned carrots) and top with a orange scented cream cheese frosting – I think buttercream is too sweet for these healthy little morsels which must count as one of your 5 a day and help stave off those new season sniffles.

Also new to the market are my Sticky Toffee Pudding cupcakes, with fresh dates, pecans and ginger which I finish off with a ginger infused cream cheese and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Again, it just seems to work better than buttercream. No pics of those as yet but I’m market testing them tomorrow so we’ll see whether they remain a permanent fixture.  My boyfriend (who’s a sticky toffee pudding afficionado)  certainly loved them. I heated them up in the microwave and served with a blob of fresh cream, yum!

Last but not least, I’ve combined vanilla and chocolate to conjur up a tasty little marbled cupcake – perfect for those who can’t make up their mind between the two. At the moment I’m topping with a chocolate buttercream but am going to try a choc/vanilla combo and see how that works next….


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