Welcome baking buddies!

Hello fellow lovers of all things spongy and sweet and delightfully curvaceous!  Having started my cupcake business Jen’s Cupcakery a while back now, I thought perhaps it was time to share my experiences in the fantastic…sometimes frustrating… world of baking.

Funnily enough, I didn’t grow up a keen baker, sitting at my mum’s elbow watching her whisk and rub in and bake blind, I was too busy curled up with a book in my makeshift tent on the patio listening to the rain pattering on the covering and immersed in the land of the Faraway Tree and sailing the seven seas with Swallows and Amazons.. yet somehow I now find myself bewitched by baking, forever dreaming about cupcakes; new ingredients to tantalise the tongue and beautiful ways to present them.

I’m going to share some of my favourite creations and perhaps also the challenges I’ve faced along the way for all those interested in making a living in the wonderful world of baking.

But first a few pictures of some of my cakes so far… I’d love to hear your thoughts….


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